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Competitive Pricing and Charges

In order to obtain a precise quote, contact our friendly staff at A Call We Haul of Palmer, MA. Based on your requirements, our professionals will give you a FREE estimate and start hauling right away! We have over 20 years of experience.

Volume charges are based on non-dense materials that include household attic, basement, or garage. While there is a 4-yard minimum charge of $140 within 100 miles, our trucks can handle up to 60 yards with a charge of $35 per cubic yard. Bedload charges are based on dense materials such as concrete, brick, asphalt, and gravel. For safety reasons, these materials can only be loaded to a depth of one foot in the truck. There is a 4-yard minimum charge of $260.

You pay as per volume or bedload charges

As our trucks are capable of handling a large amount of materials, we can easily free up your space by clearing your attic, basement, and garage in no time.

We'll quickly clear everything

Get affordable prices on all your hauling needs!



Volume Pricing

Minimum charge - $140


Per yard thereafter- $35

Full load - 4 to 60 yards depending on the truck

Bedload Pricing

Minimum charge - $260 (4-yards)

Per yard thereafter - $65

Full bedload - Varies by truck size

For estimation, a scale of 4-yards is based on a full-size 8' pickup truck bedload or 5 average washing machines.